Lindberg Process was formed by the father and son team of Burt and Scott Lindberg in 1981. At the formation of Lindberg Process, Burt had 31 years of experience in the burner industry and Scott had 7. In 1994 Roger Young was brought aboard as a Sales Engineer. After mentoring Scott and Roger, Burt retired in 1999. From then until 2015, Scott and Roger worked to service the MN, ND, SD, and Western WI area’s in the industrial oven, food processing, agricultural drying, and electrical utility industries.

To help with the increasing customer demand, Renae Spencer was hired in 2001. Since then Renae has become the Office Manager and is an integral part of the daily operations.

In 2016 Lindberg Process was purchased by PowerQuip Corp. It was at this time that Jesse Hentsch was brought on as the Regional Manager for the Lindberg Process sales territory. Later in that same year, both Scott and Roger retired. Andy McClure was brought aboard in 2018 as a sales engineer. Jesse Hentsch calls upon Southern MN, ND, and Western WI, while Andy McClure calls upon Northern MN, Northern WI, and SD.

Lindberg Process strives to not only meet but exceed the customer’s expectations and follows a strict company creed: Do what is in the best long term interest for your customer and everything will work out great. To experience this customer service please call or email today.