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Guide to Pneumatic Valves

Choosing the right pneumatic valve could make or break your plant’s production. Do you know when to use a 2-way directional valve versus a 3-way directional valve? Is there a better option to increase production? These valves control many aspects of pneumatic systems, so you must know enough to select…

A Guide to Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves are a cost-effective and low-maintenance tool that works well within many processing plants. Compared to other valve types, they're generally a better choice. Here at Lindberg Process Equipment, we work with various manufacturers to get you the correct valves for your plant. This guide will assist you in…

Temperature Controllers Guide

If you own any type of kitchen appliance, then it is important to know that it comes equipped with a temperature controller. Temperature controllers play an important role in keeping a wide range of appliances and other systems from overheating. There are various types of temperature controllers that are used…
AJ Silber
May 12, 2022

Low NOx Boiler FAQ

Whether you're using a boiler for industrial application or as a power source, you're feeling a lot of pressure to ensure that the boiler is energy efficient and meets certain emission standards. You're considering upgrading your current boiler with a low NOx boiler. However, before you commit the time and…

What Is Thermal Shock and How Can You Prevent It?

Boilers are designed to resist the rapid expansion and contraction of the boiler’s tube sheets, tubes, fittings, valves, and piping. This may create a potentially dangerous situation. Thermal shock in steam boilers may also occur if hot water gets added to a boiler with cold water. It’s common in structurally…
March 8, 2022

How to Choose the Right Expansion Joint for Your Piping Needs

There are many variables to consider before successfully installing expansion joints in your pipe system. The most critical aspect to consider is the direction of media flow and the best way to absorb the movements. Once you have the necessary information, it is pretty straightforward to determine the most suitable…
January 18, 2022

Your Guide to Burner Equipment Replacement

Burners are a critical component of your heating system. They make it possible for heat to be generated and distributed throughout your home in the most efficient way possible. Unfortunately, burners can wear out over time, leading to energy inefficiency or safety issues. Luckily, replacing them with newer models is…

Industrial Combustion Systems Explained

From generating energy to disposing of waste to creating textiles, industrial combustion systems are essential components of the manufacturing industry. Industrial combustion systems come in many shapes, sizes, and functions. With so many options on the market, manufacturing companies need to have access to information to find the best equipment…

The Ultimate Guide to Industrial Burners

Industrial burners are used for heating, melting, manufacturing, and steam production. They can also be used for other industrial processes that require heat. Contrary to popular belief, burners are not the same as boilers. To better understand industrial burners, how they work, and their vital components, continue reading below. Selecting…