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The Real Cost of Buying Used Industrial Process Equipment

Industrial processing equipment covers a wide range of products that will end up in an assortment of manufacturing areas. Process equipment plays a prominent role in many reactions or operations that would not be possible under normal environmental conditions due to temperature, pressure, or safety reasons. Modern advancements in technology…

How Honeywell Burner Valves Are Helping the Environment

Industrial manufacturers are facing more pressure to incorporate sustainable practices into their thermal production processes. There are government regulations to factor in, which are becoming more common globally to combat climate change. Some manufacturers may even institute their own rules for sustainability to reduce the environmental impact of their processes.…

Safety Tips for Industrial Combustion Systems

Although many combustion-related accidents still happen each year, the safety of fuel-fired equipment has improved at least one hundred-fold in the last one hundred years. Back then, industrial explosions and related accidents were common, even daily, occurrences. There is no doubt that an industrial explosion is a tragic event, but…