Honeywell’s Eclipse Combustion Systems - Lindberg Process Equipment

Every industry relies on combustion systems to provide the power needed to produce the world’s goods and products. However, as the global marketplace becomes more sophisticated and diverse, the need for improved control over those combustion systems also grows. Each year, market and regulatory forces require that industrial combustion systems become more fuel efficient, less environmentally threatening, and more flexible to accommodate evolving industry and market demands. Consequently, more international manufacturers are using Honeywell’s Eclipse Combustion Systems to protect their share of their markets and do what’s right for the planet besides.
Eclipse Combustion Systems for Every Industry
In 2016, Honeywell acquired the Eclipse line of combustion systems when it purchased its parent company, Elster Thermal Solutions. By making the purchase, Honeywell added Eclipse’s full line of combustion boilers, burners, and valves, all of which are UL listed, CSA certified, and FM approved.
Eclipse combustion systems offer heating and heat control systems parts for a broad range of industries. It’s air heating, furnace, and tube firing burners put precise control over combustion processes within many manufacturing processes. Process measurements and controls are critical to accurate and economical manufacturing processes. Eclipse products also offer specialized burners and accessories for glass and glass production industries. Eclipses’ exothermic heat exchangers offer several air heating solutions, including air to air types, sinusoidal stainless steel, and dimple plate heat exchangers. Air and fuel supply parts, valves and ignition components provide the flexibility needed to accomplish both today’s and tomorrow’s goals.
Industries Work Better with Eclipse Combustion Systems
Virtually every global industry relies on Eclipse combustion systems to heat or power its processes, including:
• Alternative fuel industries
• Building materials
• Ceramics
• Ferris metals
• Gas boosting
• Automotive and general paint finishing
• Hot water and steam
• HVAC applications
• Mining
• Oil and gas
• Chemical and pharmaceuticals
• Power generation
• Textiles and more.
Heat Better with Honeywell Eclipse
In addition to combustion system parts and components, Honeywell Eclipse also provides recuperators, heat exchangers, and thoroughly engineered industrial heating systems designed to fulfill any industrial need. And all of the Eclipse parts and systems are guaranteed to deliver safe, efficient, reliable and clean heat to every industrial process.
Even as the global industrial complex grows, so does Honeywell’s roster of stellar heat and combustion control products and services. Honeywell’s Eclipse combustion systems can solve virtually any heating challenge.