Why Global Industries Rely on Maxon Valves - Lindberg Process Equipment

The lowly valve plays a critical role in the effectuation and safety of virtually every global industry. Valves are vital to controlling the flow, transfer, and shut-off of fluids throughout all types of systems, and, in many industries, those fluids are highly flammable, so the process to control them is highly regulated. Consequently, many national and international industries rely on Maxon valves to ensure the safety and productivity of their manufacturing and refining processes while maintaining compliance with international regulations.
A Long History of Safety
Industrial reliance on Maxon valves began in the 1920’s when the company launched its first gas and air pre-mixing burner. Sophisticated flow control and shut-off valves were the natural successors to that innovation, and Maxon has been innovating in valve and fluid control machinery and processes ever since. As national and international markets and industries developed and grew, Maxon developed new products and services to respond to new industries and applications.
Maxon Valves for Every Industry
Today, Maxon’s valves can be found in almost every manufacturing industry, including oil and gas, pulp and paper, automotive, textiles, and building materials. The company’s valve portfolio demonstrates its flexibility to meet any and every fluid control concern:
• Shut-off Valves
Either electromagnetic or pneumatic, Maxon’s safety shut-off valves deliver performance, reliability, and durability. The shut-off valves line offers several trim options, fittings, sizes, and pressure ratings that are calibrated to meet worldwide approvals regardless of their industrial application. Each valve’s metal-to-metal seat means it “wears in,” not out, and its powerful closing spring ensures a tight seal that assures complete and safe fuel shut-off occurs.
• Ratio and Flow Control
Maintaining an accurate ratio of air and fuel is a critical safety and productivity feature in every combustion engine, and Maxon valves are designed to ensure efficient and economical fuel ratios in every combustion system. Maxon provides both mechanical and electronic flow control valves.
• Oil Flow Valves
The Maxon MICRO-RATIO Oil and Gas valves have a multiple screw cam assembly, so they are adjustable at each valve position within the system. With its fully adjustable throttling range, Maxon designed the MICRO-RATIO valve assembly to operate throughout the entire spectrum of the company’s industrial burner systems.
• Smart Link Control Valves
Are rugged, turnkey solution for industrial flow control applications that require a high degree of precision, repeatability, and commissioning flexibility in a small space.

Considering the depth and breadth of Maxon’s investment in its technologies, there’s nothing “lowly” about a Maxon valve.