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Howden Fans Cool the World

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For over 160 years, the Howden Group has provided Howden fans and fan services for thousands of companies around the world. Since 1988, the enterprise has been amassing the assets of the world’s finest fan manufacturers and now holds a portfolio of more than 20 international companies. Consequently, the Howden Group has a fanning system or can engineer a fanning system for virtually any application.
Howden fans are categorized into four distinct groups based on their function and the systems in which they work.
• Axial Fans
The axial fan is one of the hardest working machines in the industrial world, providing cooling and air handling services in hundreds of thousands of applications. Howden offers a vast array of axial fans that provide smooth, reliable service in all situations, including those in extreme heat, corrosive elements, or at high altitudes.
• Cooling Fans
Howden cooling fans are designed to provide maximum efficiency with the lowest noise possible. Variable blade designs and sizes from as short as 28 inches to as long as 50 feet offer the flexibility to install these cooling fans in any environment, with horizontal or vertical mounts. The Howden SX series responds to applications with strict noise controls and reduces its noise by up to 20 dB(A); when compared to standard cooling fans, this model is the quietest available on the market.
• Centrifugal Fans
Howden’s centrifugal fans provide service to the vast array of applications that require the displacement of air or gas flow. Used frequently in HVAC systems, centrifugal fans are also found in the ventilation systems of large arenas, shopping malls, and industrial settings, as well as hundreds of applications in the oil and gas, mining, renewable energy and food and refrigeration industries.
• Turbo Fans
The turbofan revolutionized the aeronautics industry and is now used in applications in many other industrial sectors. Howden’s ExVel® turbo fans provide long-lasting, reliable service in the oil and petrochemical sectors, as well as the chemical manufacturing and food processing sectors. Howden turbofans are a perfect solution for applications that require round-the-clock operations with no unscheduled stoppages.
Whether ventilating mines or tunnels, or providing the air handling functions of hospitals, hotels, or shopping centers, Howden fans clear the air for millions of people around the world.