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Process heating applications consume approximately 36 percent of the American manufacturing sector’s total delivered energy supply. Whether it’s washing, sterilizing, drying, cooking, or another heating requirement, Honeywell’s Eclipse series of process heating system components ensure that thousands of American businesses accomplish their industrial process heating applications safely, effectively, and efficiently.
Eclipse Burners
Eclipse produces four series of burners, including air heating, furnace, tube-firing, and miscellaneous burners, that are applicable in virtually any system that requires a heated air source. Its 15 models of air heating burners, for example, are each designed to produce a unique heated-air flow for any specific heated-air purpose. Its miscellaneous burners include products designed for fume incineration and blast burners.
Eclipse Heat Exchangers
Used to transfer heat from one source to another, the Eclipse series of six heat exchanger models offer functionality and efficiency for air-to-air, sinusoidal, and tubular heat exchanging processes.
Eclipse Combustion System Components
The dependability and reliability of Eclipse products carry into its many lines of combustion system components, including air and fuel supply parts, shut-off and control valves, ignition and supervision components, and process measurement controls.
Eclipse offers ten separate models of valves that offer operators control over system flows and pressures. Four types of manual valves – single shut-off, butterfly, Blast Gate, and Locktite shut-off valves ensure direct control over both air and fluid flows within systems. Actuated and automated valves, including adjustable orifice valves, provide more precise control, while valves trains, both configured and segmented, ensure efficient control of all aspects of the system.
The Eclipse process measurement controls are also critical components in many industrial systems. The programmable rotary actuator comes with a keypad and easy-to-read display, for example, while the rugged construction of the MgO and industrial thermocouples provide fast responses in medium to high-heat applications.
Eclipse Serves the Glass Industry
For the Glass Industry, Eclipse offers air-, oxygen-, oil-, and combination burners to suit the parameters of any industrial glass manufacturing application. Throughput burners add extra control and specially designed mounting brackets provide a study burner foundation in any manufacturing facility.
All Eclipse products are UL listed, CSA certified, and FM approved. Lindberg Process is proud to offer its customers the complete line of Eclipse custom combustion system parts and components.