Howden Flow-Generation Tools - Lindberg Process Equipment

For decades, industries have used fans, blowers, and compressors to generate the flow of air, gases, or other materials to accomplish fundamental aspects of industrial productivity. These machines provide cooling, ventilation, and drive turbines, to name just three critical functions. When they don’t work, work often stops. Accordingly, hundreds of companies rely on Howden fans, Howden compressors, and Roots blowers to ensure that their crucial industrial air-, gas, and material flow functions run smoothly and reliably.
Howden Fans
Howden fans come in four configurations, each designed to provide a specific function within an industrial application:
• Axial fans blow air in a parallel direction with their shaft and are usually used to move more significant quantities of air. They come in all sizes depending on their applied use. Some have adjustable blades that can shift direction to increase or decrease thrust. Others have fixed blades that provide a steady and reliable airflow
• Cooling fans keep things, well, cool. Often used to keep workers comfortable, Howden cooling fans are designed for low noise so the sound they make doesn’t also make workers uncomfortable.
• Centrifugal fans generate a flow that radiates outward from the blades. Depending on their materials, centrifugal fans work well in both high and low-temperature areas, as well as in applications that move corrosive or hazardous materials into or out of the production facility.
• Turbofans produce immense levels of power by generating “thrust,” such as that used by jet airplanes. Howden turbofans provide complete isolation of the process gas and easily handle corrosive gases.
Howden Compressors
Compressing air, gases, or liquids generates pressure which is then converted to power. Compressors are used throughout many industrial processes to power machines, keeping materials moving, and control the pressure at both input and output valves.
Like its fan products, Howden offers several configurations of compressors, such as reciprocating, centrifugal, and screw compressors. Howden’s systems expertise ensures that each situation receives the exact compressor capacities it needs.
Roots® Blowers
Howden also offers the Roots® Blower, a heavy-duty, bi-lobe machine that handles a vast array of gases in virtually any manufacturing environment or application. The design of these hard-working devices emphasizes both personal safety and equipment reliability. They are also quiet when in use, and their filters are easy to access, ensuring long-term reliability and efficiency.