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Every combustion engine that heats a boiler creates soot of some kind, regardless of its fuel source. Soot blowers remove the sooty remnants of combustion from furnace and boiler tubes, reducing the risk of fire and increasing the efficiency of the engine. Diamond Power Soot Blowers represent the top of the line for soot removal operations.

Many Industries – One Solution

Many industries around the world use boilers to generate power for their production and manufacturing needs. The fuels used to heat boilers vary, however, depending on the location of the plant and the energy regulations that govern that region. Coal, oil, and natural gas are frequent sources of industrial fuels and, when burned, each of those substances emits not just heat but also soot, which is the waste product that often clings to the inside of the boiler’s tubes, pipes, and machine parts.

Soot-lined tubes can cause numerous problems for the factory:

  • Tubes and pipes lined with soot are less efficient than those with clean ducts, and machines must work harder to achieve the same level of output when their exhaust tubes are clogged.
  • Soot-lined ducts are also fire hazards. The soot itself retains combustible elements that can ignite if exposed to an ignition source.

For these reasons, many companies use soot blowers to remove soot from their machine and engine pipes and ducts.

Diamond Power Masters Soot Blowers

Soot blowers use air or steam to clean away the soot from inside pipes and furnaces. Diamond Power revolutionized the soot removal process in 2009 when it introduced its Internal Kenetic-700 (IK) Retractable Soot Blower, which aggregates a decade of soot-blowing advances into even more efficient machines. The IK-700 blower features an electrical control assembly that was upgraded to permit arc flash protection and a newly redesigned beam for easy access and carriage removal. The product improvements give industries enhanced control over their waste production and removal practices to improve efficiencies while reducing risks.

For over 100 years, Diamond Power’s boiler-cleaning and ash handling technology systems have been helping industries improve the function and efficiency of their power-generation machinery. Today. Diamond Power’s engineers can construct a soot blower to respond to nearly every application, whether it’s that of a small recovery boiler or that generated by the  mass demand of utility-sized environments.