What to know about Flexider Expansion Joints - Lindberg Process Equipment

Utilized in applications in virtually every industry, an industrial expansion joint is the great protector of production and manufacturing operations. Further, the vast array of sealing points that occur in individual industries demand unique sealing capacities to match every individual function. Flexider’s expansion joints are designed to fit the function and purpose of every application that uses them, regardless of the nature of the specific industry.

What Flexider Expansion Joints Do
Depending on its purpose, the industrial expansion joint keeps gaseous and liquid elements contained within itself, controls extreme pressure, and excludes contaminants from vital fluids or vapors. Different machines use these joints for different purposes, and Flexider’s roster of off-the-shelf joint products are designed to fit most industrial applications.
The company has a plethora of expansion joint options to ensure full functionality without leakages. These joints are critical for the safe functioning of machines, too, and Flexider’s many options suit top, side, and bottom-entry drives, and protect many types of machines from stress.

Flexider, the number one choice
In addition to manufacturing exceptional-quality sealing solutions, Flexider continues its support of its customers by also offering exceptional service programs. Their on-staff experts provide consulting and engineering services to ensure that every Flexider expansion joint operates exactly as needed, through both maintenance services agreements and specially tailored service contracts. The company’s focus on high quality and reliability also allows its attention to cost controls to flow through to its customers, as each Flexider joint is designed for a long and productive lifecycle.
Around the world, Flexider expansion joints protect the functioning and capacities of machines of every size and operation.