Maxon Shut off Valves - Lindberg Process Equipment

The capacity to quickly and effectively stop the flow of gases or fluids is often a critical functional and safety component of industrial systems. The nature of the substance within the system also plays a significant role in the type and design of the shut-off valve used. Maxon shut off valves are designed to facilitate every industry’s need to stop any liquid or gas from flowing.

Built for Performance and Durability
The engineering of Maxon’s shut-off valves is only one reason why they are so successful in so many applications. The company designed its shut-off valves with durable, hardened seating materials that can withstand high actuation forces, so they are appropriate for almost every industrial use.

• These valves have metal-to-metal seats that “wear in,” instead of “wear out,” giving them a longer lifespan with consistent reliability.

• Their powerful closing springs snap flow off within a second, assuring a swift and reliable closure to any size valve and preventing further movement of both fluids or gases.

• Designed with a guillotine action, the Maxon shut off valves are automatically self-cleaning with every stroke, ensuring that each shut-off action maintains the capacity of the device to effectively shut off all subsequent operations.
Mechanical or Pneumatic Options
Maxon makes both electro-mechanical and electro-pneumatic shut-off valves, offering an even more extensive range of options for any use.

• Electro-mechanical options feature a variety of body materials and connections for dependable functionality with both general purpose and corrosive substances. The valves can accommodate lines between 3/4″ and 6″ and pressures up to 125 SPIG (8.6 bar).

• Electro-pneumatic valves are available in a wide range of internal trim options and in a compact design that saves space. Manufactured in stainless steel, carbon steel, and even cast iron, valve assemblies come in sizes ranging from 3/4″ to 8″. Maxon’s pneumatic valves are also effective in ambient temperatures ranging from -58F (-50C) to 140F (60C) and meet most of the world’s manufacturing standards regulations.

Maxon has been providing global industries with heating and combustion equipment and components for over one hundred years. Its shut-off valves are another example of the high standard the company has set for itself and its competitors.