Honeywell Gas Pressure Regulators - Lindberg Process Equipment

Most industries use machinery that is hydraulically powered or driven by gases. Those hydraulic applications require controlled regulation of the gases to avoid machine breakdowns or operator injuries, and the use of flammable gas escalates the need for careful management. Using the right gas pressure regulators for the job can often be the difference between a successfully completed process and a disastrous machine failure.

A Wide Range of Controls for the Flow of Gas
Depending on their purpose, gas control regulators provide a variety of functions to ensure reliability and safety at all points within the system. The valves can be fail-open or fail-closed, can be used with a variety of gases including nonaggressive gases, and can provide a wide range of available pressure tolerations for use in multiple applications.

Honeywell gas regulators come in a variety of sizes designed to respond to any industrial need. Their small-sized regulators manage systems up to PN 16 (ANSI 150) and can take over the task of controlled pressure reduction in systems without a dedicated pressure reducer valve. These regulators maintain a reliable, constant gas pressure value regardless of the changing flow and quantities of source gases. They provide users with maximum control over inlet, outlet, and differential pressures while offering easy operation and maintenance capacities. Their construction and design support cost-saving, long-term lifecycles,

Honeywell also offers gas pressure regulators up to ANSI 600, as well as regulators for low, medium, and high-pressure systems. Their pilot-operated regulators comply with DIN EN 334, and the electrically operated flow control valves provide controls up to DIN EN 334/14382. Larger valves are necessary for today’s gas pipeline stations, and each one must maintain appropriate pressure regardless of disturbing influences such as flow rate changes or variable inlet pressures. Honeywell manufactures their gas pressure regulators with electrical components that comply with all ATEX standards.

Many industries use measurement and regulation technologies to control the flow and force of gases with production systems, and today’s industrial hydraulic systems work hard to keep internal pressures under control and maintain vital circuit pressure for industrial production. Honeywell gas pressure regulators give every machine operator the control they need to maintain maximum efficiency and safety in all their hydraulic processes.