Howden Fans offer applications across a wide variety of industrial needs

Industrial fans have their own nuanced differences, and what type you select has a lot of factors involved. Common uses include dust collection, combustion air, grain drying, wind tunnels, and material conveying. While searching for the right fan for your industry operations, it’s important to explore all of the available varieties since some are built with small variances that can make all the difference in efficiency, output, and performance across applications.

We’ve highlighted five of our most popular Howden industrial fans to compare and contrast purpose and performance in a variety of industries.

1. Fume Exhausting Control Applications
For industries ranging from automotive, glass and HVAC to printing, manufacturing, food processing, and petrochemical, exhaust fans can remove fumes from a specific area or process to help meet EPA regulations and provide a safer, cleaner work environment. There are numerous models of fans Howden manufactures to remove vehicle fume exhaust, toxic chemical fumes, and other dangerous gasses and vapors that workers may be exposed to. Howden offers a variety of models, including pressure blowers, backwardly inclined fans, vane axial fans, plug fans, and general blowers.

2. Grain Drying Applications
The agriculture industry uses fans commonly for ventilating livestock buildings as well as maintain a dry environment for grain storage. These products can build up moisture, which can diminish the quality of grains or spoil them. As a solution, grain dryers utilize light centrifugal fans, the most common variety, or two-stage axial flow fans to maintain a dry environment. Grain fumigation also employs fans to circulate desiccants in the air where grains are stored to prevent spoilage. Models of fans Howden produces for this application include backwardly inclined blowers and aerofoil fans.

3. Material Conveying Applications
Industries like energy, food, chemical, paper, steel, and textile production rely on radial blade fans and blowers for material convey materials efficiently air from the fan helps move materials efficiently, such as down a conveyor line, and enables safer, more efficient material handling. Pellets of plastic, wood chips, and sawdust are just some of the materials handled by these fans; others may include food containers, cans, or cartons in the food industry. Howden fans that are available for this application include cast aluminum blowers, pressure and turbo pressure blowers, backwardly inclined fans, and industrial exhausters.

4. Combustion Air Incineration Applications
Again, a diverse range of industries makes use of combustion air incinerators, among them rubber, steel, printing, petrochemical, and food processing. Howden offers fans like AF cast aluminum blowers to mix air and gas for water heaters and boilers or to cool electrical devices rapidly. Howden also manufactures backwardly inclined fans and turbo pressure blowers for this application. Incineration systems contained within these mechanisms provide combustion air, as well as acting as portable burning devices to clear wood waste after disasters and recirculating air containing smoke for cleaner emissions. After incineration, the fans contain thermal oxidizers that recycle energy, making them efficient and more sustainable machines.

5. Dust Control Applications
Industries like paper, woodworking, chemical, and printing must frequently clear dust from work spaces. As a solution, dust control and containment fans can either operate as forced draft service for clean air or induced draft service collector fans that allow contaminated air to pass through the fan. One model, a DC dust collector, can mount on top of 55-gallon drums for ease and timeliness of operation. Howden offers these fans as AF cast aluminum blowers and inlet flange mounted fans.

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