SPX Flow Technology finds its place in the dairy industry

Selecting a desuperheating mechanism is a task dependent mostly on the specific application or industry for which it’s needed. The SPX Flow brand of technology not only offers a wide variety of desuperheaters for multiple different purposes, but is also helping generate cost-cutting, efficient processes across the food and beverage industry, especially in dairy processing.

SPX Flow is at the vanguard of the yogurt industry

SPX Flow can handle high demand workloads to reduce wastefulness and increase output. The yogurt industry in particular has seen significant results from its use of SPX Flow technology. Manufacturers producing Greek yogurt have enjoyed increases in product yield as well as more thorough, efficient processes.

The technology promises to raise the bar across the industry, as high-protein yogurts and other fermented dairy products can be finicky to work with. SPX’s new APV Cavitation technology is a uniquely welcomed improvement, as it allows better efficiency to help create smoother yogurt, as the product is often prone to becoming grainy. It must also cool at a faster rate than traditional methods allowed, and SPX desuperheating mechanisms not only eliminate the need for palettes with separate cooling controls by tying the entire cooling process together. Since yogurt production can be potentially dangerous if done incorrectly, it’s even more significant that a streamlined, efficient process is implemented, which is where the desuperheating technology really shines.

SPX Flow technology also helps shrink maintenance and installation costs and reduces the amount of cleaning that needs to take place since the equipment is more streamlined and targeted in its operation. The entire plant benefits from this operational improvement, as the desuperheating technology integrates a more efficient system into all areas of production.

Dairy production facilities depend on SPX for high efficiency and output

Another area of the industry where SPX Flow technology is a standout performer is dairy production. With more people than ever consuming dairy foods and beverages worldwide, the need for technologies with innovative, forward-thinking processes that can match future sustainability and demand is at its highest. SPX is committed to researching and developing this technology, especially where it concerns producing dry milk infant formula, which is becoming more and more common of a commodity in China and India.

The SPX Flow proprietary flow system helps produce fine, highly dissolvable dry milk powder with its high-performance capabilities. The powder is spray dried and easily dispersed, reducing run-time and costs while enabling greater control over the product’s yield.

The company was also contracted to install its technology in a fresh milk processing system at a plant in the UK, which will enable one billion of liters of fresh milk to be produced each year. The automated and energy efficient process is part of one of the world’s largest dairy plants, and ranks at the top of sustainability efforts within the industry. Integrated systems designed by SPX enable all of the floor equipment to be controlled centrally by an automated system.

User friendly SPX technology support keeps industrial systems running strong

SPX Flow has a large range of technologies available for industrial applications. It’s one of the forerunners of the sustainable energy future, with efficiency and profitability built into each design. Whether an industry relies on atomizing, spray, or annulus desuperheating, the technology comes with sophisticated customer service and support, including a robust spare parts network so all systems can continue running smoothly and unobstructed.