Eclipse Butterfly Valve - Lindberg Process Equipment

The Eclipse Butterfly Valve works to control air or gas flow for your combustion system. Reliable and easy to maintain — helping you reduce direct operating costs and minimize the time required for valve maintenance.

What is a butterfly valve?

A butterfly valve is a quarter-turn rotational motion valve that assists in regulating air or gas flow. The valve consists of four major parts


  • Body that fit between two pipe flanges.
  • Butterfly valve disk that works to stop flow.
  • Butterfly valve stem that can come in a one-piece shaft or two-piece (split) design.
  • Butterfly valve seat that uses an interference fit in between the disk edge and seat for shutoff.


What can I use a butterfly valve for?

There are many ways you can use a butterfly valve. These valves have a wide range of applications that perform well in both high volume water and slurry applications. Here are some of the more common ways butterfly valves are utilized.

  • High pressure water and steam services
  • High temperature water and steam services
  • Cooling water, air gases and fire protection
  • Slurry or similar services
  • Compressed air or gas applications
  • Vacuum services

The Eclipse

The Eclipse Butterfly Valves are great for regulating and controlling air or gas flow. However, these valves are not designed as tight shut-off valves.

There are several types of Eclipse Butterfly valves and accessories available for manual or automatic control.

  • Pipe sizes ½” – 8”
  • Full port constructions
  • Reduced port constructions
  • High pressure constructions
  • Beveled or non-beveled disks


  • Optional crank arm or coupling for integration with a range of position control devices
  • Electric operators and mounting kits can be purchased separately
  • Extended shaft allows for second control arm for concurrent automatic operation in dual valve application or a cam for a high/low fire microshift configuration

There are also several thread connections available for the Eclipse Butterfly Valve

  • ½” – 4” for either Rc or NPT threads
  • 6” and 8” wafer style butterfly valves to fit between flanges on connecting pipes

Butterfly valve vs. gate valves

There are many advantages of utilizing a butterfly valve versus a conventional gate valve.

  1. Butterfly valves are lighter and smaller, so they are simpler to manage and install
  2. Because butterfly valves only need a quarter turn to open and close — they are easier to operate and shut-off openings faster
  3. Shorter shaft allows for easier access
  4. More cost-effective and cheaper to purchase

If you are interested in purchasing Eclipse Butterfly Valves or to learn more about their benefits for your combustion systems, feel free to reach out to one of our experienced staff.