Maxon 5000 from Honeywell - Lindberg Process Equipment

The Maxon 5000 is a closed shut-off valve used in industrial boilers, furnaces, burner systems, fuel supply lines, ovens, kilns and other heating applications or processes. These valves are created to shut-off fuel instantaneously and automatically if any interruption should occur in the electric power supply.

The electro-mechanical nature of the Maxon 5000 allows for quick opening or closing action. These valves are designed to return to normal position instantly even if there is any interruption in the electric power that is supplied through the safety circuit. Also, in case your application is remote access only or unmanned — automatic actuators are used.

The switch assembly is high quality and reliant, and integrates with several control systems. Here are some components of the switch assembly that are most notable:

  • Complies with “proof of closure” requirements
  • Provides positive valve position – open or closed
  • Seamlessly integrates with an analog control system, DCS, or PLC
  • IP 67 rated, sealed switches included for non-incendive valves

These valves are also for manual or motorized opening and closing of pipelines that carry gases and liquids for industrial processes. The Maxon 5000 valve motors are protected against heat and thermal overload. Note that normal duty cycles are one cycle per minute or less — allowing for adequate cooling between cycles.

The Maxon 5000 is a trusted shut-off valve for industrial processes. Here are some additional features and limitations of the Maxon 5000.

  • Electrically actuated valves with powerful closing spring provide closure in less than 1 second for reliable, long-life operation
  • Hazardous Locations valves approved for Nonincendive Class I, Division 2 areas
  • Visual position indication provided
  • Ambient and gas temperature ranges of -20°F to 140°F
  • Unique bonnet design eliminates packing adjustments, reducing maintenance and minimizing drag on closing
  • Field rotatable top assemblies in 90° increments to fit specific application requirements
  • Normally-closed and normally-open versions available
  • Factory Mutual, CSA, UL and CE approved; Canadian registration obtained on all valve bodies
  • Full assessment to IEC 61508 as SIL 3 capable
  • Cast iron, carbon steel, low temperature carbon steel and stainless steel body assemblies with internal trim options to handle general purpose or corrosive gases; oxygen compatibility available
  • Application flexibility provided with 3/4” (DN20) through 6” (DN150) line sizes & line pressures up to 125 psig
  • MAXON electro-mechanical gas valves meet Fluid Control Institute (FCI) 70-2 control valve standard for Class VI seat leakage
  • Actuator assemblies available with manual reset or automatic reset operators
  • Overtravel position switches for open and closed position

If you are interested in learning more about the Maxon 5000, feel free to contact one of our dedicated and experienced sales team members.