4 Ways Maxon Valves Improve Combustion Systems - Lindberg Process Equipment

High-temperature chemical reactions occur between a fuel and an oxidant in combustion systems. This reaction creates smoke, an oxidized, gaseous mixture. The combustion process is vital to the proper functioning of a variety of applications in the industrial heating industry and requires proper equipment and maintenance to ensure safety for your machinery and employees. While industrial combustion systems continue to evolve in functionality and complexity, MAXON offers a variety of industrial burners, combustion systems, and valves to help improvements run seamlessly.

Control the Flow of Liquid

Valves play a vital role in combustion applications as they help control the flow of liquid. MAXON shut off valves have metal-to-metal seats that “wear in,” not out, making them unique compared to other fuel shut off valves. Metal valve seats are a dependable solution for combustion applications due to their ability to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments.

These valves also include powerful closing springs that house a steady closing force, ensuring safe and precise fuel shut off. This action is crucial to the function of combustion applications as it prevents large quantities of fuel from being exposed to the oxidant. Additionally, the electro-mechanical valves can shut off oil or gas lines in less than one second, making it a secure method to utilize when handling tedious and often precarious applications.

Proper Fuel Monitoring

For proper fuel monitoring, flow control must be accurate and reliable throughout a wide range of applications available from a number of manufacturers. The type of valve utilized varies based on pressure and flow rates. MAXON has a wide variety of flow control solutions specializing in monitoring high-pressure ratings to the handling of full flow applications. Before selecting the valve for your combustion application, calculate the flow rate and pressure ratings to prevent any malfunctions or valve failure.

Variety of Valves to Choose From

Within a combustion application, many different fuel types may be introduced to the oxidant. MAXON flow control valves monitor the air, gas, and oil that are utilized during the combustion process. Gas valves provide a fully adjustable throttling range that functions more efficiently compared to the turndown capabilities of modern industrial burner systems. Oil flow valves provide mechanical adjustments to the air/fuel ratio at each valve position throughout the entire range of the combustion system.

  • Series CV Control Valves integrate a full-flow fixed gradient for large capacities at low-pressure drops
  • SYNCHRO Valves are utilized separately for individual adjustable gradient fuel flow control or together with other fuel control valves
  • Series BV Balancing Valves are used to balance airflow or gas in various Honeywell Maxon burner systems
  • MICRO-RATIO® Valves are utilized to control the proper proportioning of air, gas, and oil

Each valve provides an array of purposeful benefits for a variety of combustion applications. Luckily, solutions have been created for every combustion scenario.

Promote Safety and Loss Prevention

Combustion applications can get out of hand quickly. Proper combustion system care is vital as improper maintenance can lead to damage or destruction of equipment and create unsafe conditions for workers. MAXON prioritizes quality checks to ensure every valve is 100% tested for function and seal. These valves are long-lasting, reliable, and dependable in any challenging combustion application.

Final Word

While the combustion process is a crucial step to the proper functioning of applications in the industrial heating industry, the best equipment must be utilized to ensure safety for your machinery and staff. MAXON offers a variety of valves and systems to help you control the flow of liquid, monitor fuel accurately, and promote safety and loss prevention. Understanding the basic functioning of valves and the critical role they play in your industry will allow you to choose the most practical and reliable option for your combustion system.