Lindberg Process Equipment Now Representing Howden - Lindberg Process Equipment

Midwest businesses across all industries can purchase find Howden process products directly through Lindberg Process Equipment

Bloomington, Minnesota: Lindberg Process Equipment has been servicing the Twin Cities metro and surrounding areas for over thirty years in an expanse of unique industries. The Lindberg Process team enjoys assisting various businesses in finding the perfect process equipment for their needs.

Lindberg is excited to announce that they are now representing Howden in their marketplace of industrial process equipment. For over 160 years, Howden has been a leader in the industrial, chemical, metal processing, and oil fields and beyond.

Howden provides lifelong solutions for air and gas engineering. They offer the widest range of innovative rotating products for mining, gas, power, refrigeration, and more. Click here to see a full list of the industries served by Howden products.

Product offerings from Howden include fans, heaters, compressors, and blowers. There is a perfect piece of equipment to solve your company’s processing problems somewhere in Howden’s expansive arsenal of items.

As a leading manufacturer, Howden has implemented a new maintenance concept, called the Howden Service 4P Concept, to deliver faster and more efficient maintenance solutions to you using continuous technological innovation. The innovative “Four P’s” maintenance concept includes parts, presence, precision, and prevention. 

Over the better part of the last two centuries, some of the most well-known, cutting-edge brands, companies, and technologies have become a part of Howden. The capabilities of Howden products are unparalleled. Contact your Lindberg sales representative to learn more about the benefits of Howden products and how they can help increase your process efficiency.

About: Lindberg Process Equipment is a licensed distributor of a multitude of world-renowned brands of industrial process equipment. Lindberg provides process equipment solutions for a vast range of industries throughout the Midwest, including Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.