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Safety and efficiency are paramount to ensure a high-functioning processing facility. Frequently turning burners on and off every day is incredibly inefficient and can wind up costing a processing plant tens of thousands of dollars over time. To save money, time, and potentially lives, processing facilities must utilize automatic shutoff valves so burners can stay constantly lit without causing concern for safety. Installing the right industrial shutoff valves for your industrial burner system can make all the difference in efficiency and, most importantly, safety.

What Is a Shutoff Valve?

Industrial shut off valves are a mechanism designed to manage compressed air, gas, water, or oil in pneumatic and mechanical applications. Shutoff valves are designed to detect dangerous events and stop the flow of hazardous fluid to a burner system, protecting people from potential harm while still allowing systems to run continuously. These valves provide an automated safety response in case of a hazardous event occurring.

Shutdown valves should always be fail-safe, which means that they close immediately after the evident failure of any burner system element. The elements that should be cut off in the event of a system failure can include:

  • Temperature controllers
  • Steam pressure controllers
  • Air and fuel pressure
  • Flame detector currents
  • Low and high water pressure cutoffs

You may see automatic shutdown valves referred to as several different names, including safety shutdown valves, emergency shutdown valves, safety shutoff valves, ESVs, or ESDs. Safety shutdown valves are most commonly associated with the petroleum industry, but their use is prevalent among other sectors as well. Automatic shutoff valves are designed with safety in mind and provide the necessary performance to allow all of your industrial processes to operate at peak efficiency.

Types of Automatic Shutoff Valves

There are several types of automatic shutoff valves used in industrial applications. Regardless of your industry, the right automatic shutoff valve should improve your existing burner system’s safety and efficiency. Installing new emergency shutdown valves often results in improved overall performance and lower maintenance costs over time.

Implementing different types of shutoff valves allows you to have greater control over your processes. Some types of valves include:

  • Triple offset valves
  • Butterfly valves
  • Floating ball valves
  • C-ball valves
  • Trunnion ball valves
  • Angle valves
  • Check valves
  • Knife gate valves
  • Gate valves
  • Lined valves
  • Globe valves

Depending on your industry, different industrial shutoff valves can vastly improve burner system safety and overall plant productivity. If you suspect that it’s time to install new safety shutoff valves on your burner system, talk with the expert industrial process equipment sales representatives at Lingberg Process Equipment to determine an ideal option for your processing facility.

Choosing the Best Automatic Shutoff Valve for Your Industrial Burner System

Replacing industrial equipment is always a stressful undertaking since it can significantly impact your processing facility’s productivity. Although it might be tempting to leave old systems in place to keep things running smoothly, this can be incredibly detrimental to the safety of your facility. Updating your automatic shutoff valves to models from industry-leading manufacturers is a surefire way to see improvements in facility output and efficiency.

Here at Lindberg Process Equipment, there are several excellent industrial process equipment manufacturers that we proudly represent. If you’re ready to update your facility’s existing emergency shutoff valves, our experienced industrial process equipment sales representatives can help find the best upgrade available for the purposes of your process from any of our industry-leading equipment manufacturers. Regardless of your industry, there is always an automatic shutoff valve option to improve your facility’s safety and efficiency.

Honeywell MAXON Valves

One of the most well-known names in process equipment manufacturing across all industries is Honeywell. Honeywell has an extensive range of automatic shutoff valves that help process facilities improve efficiency and avoid potential damages from a hazardous accident. Here at Lindberg Process Equipment, we are proud to supply our clients with MAXON shutoff valves from Honeywell.

Honeywell is a leading manufacturer of automatic shutoff valves, helping us ensure our customers that whatever Honeywell product they choose will help increase process efficiency. You can choose from several different MAXON valves that have different critical functions for individual industries.

MAXON electro-pneumatic shutoff valves are perfectly suited to shut off various gases and liquids in case of emergency. These types of valves are incredibly durable and require minimal maintenance. MAXON valves are crucial to safety-critical combustion systems.

Honeywell also offers MAXON’s electro-mechanical and electro-mechanical oil shutoff valves. These valves are ideal for reliable shut off of different liquids. MAXON valves are made up of iron and steel, making them an incredibly durable option for your automatic shutoff valve. Prevent possible disaster by replacing your existing automatic shutoff valves with an improved valve system from Honeywell.

In-House Process Equipment Design and Engineering at Lindberg

If you’re still unsure of the best automatic shutoff valve for your industrial burner system, there’s no need to stress out. The experts at Lindberg Process Equipment are at the ready to assist in designing and engineering a shutoff valve system that works with your existing equipment. We can also recommend the right industrial process equipment if you’re looking for an entire overhaul of your current process equipment system. We provide various industries with custom combustion systems that include:

  • Burners
  • Valves
  • Pipe trains
  • Controls
  • Custom control panels

The best way to improve your facility’s productivity and safety protocols is by replacing your industrial equipment. We will assist in every step of the way to ascertain the most efficient automatic shutoff valve for your facility.


Automatic shutoff valves play a critical role in the safety of industrial facilities. The emergency valves are designed to detect any potential issues and shut down heat and energy flow to avoid extensive damages. Emergency shutoff valves are required across all industries, and it’s crucial to keep them running smoothly, so no one gets hurt in your facility. If you’re concerned about keeping your industrial process facility running at peak efficiency, it’s time to contact Lindberg Process Equipment and start making a plan to prioritize safety and productivity across systems.