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Do you work in a place where you need heat applications? Or, what heat application equipment do you use in your home?

If you have not yet tried eclipse heat combustion equipment, let us tell you why you should. Eclipse burners serve many heat applications. You can use them when you need both high and low heat. The uses are impeccable and quite efficient too. Lindberg Process Equipment company has some tricks up its sleeves. We’ve got everything you need to know about eclipse burners. So, stay tuned.

What Is a Burner?

A burner is a device for mixing fuel and air to achieve controlled combustion. It creates a controlled explosion while generating a specific flame pattern.

This flame brings forth a heat that controls the temperature. This magic happens within a combustion chamber, so you’re out of risk’s way.

Eclipse burners are retention types of burners. You can use them where there is a large area for heat distribution. They work well in a kettle, oven, recirculating, or non-recirculating air heat applications.  Here are some eclipse burners in use today.

Eclipse Packaged Burners

Eclipse packaged burners contain all the necessary components for good heat. You can apply them in the delivery and control of air-fuel ratios.  But, you should ensure that the delivery reaches each burner.  This ensures safer, better, and more delicious cooking.

Eclipse packaged burners include:

  1. RatioMatic burners
  2. Thermair burners
  3. RatioAir burners

These packaged burners offer configurations to supply combustion air through an integral blower. They also provide combustion through measurement devices and fuel trains. If you think that’s cool, wait until you hear about RatioMatic burners.

Eclipse RatioMatic Burners

Eclipse RatioMatic burners are for direct and indirect air heating. They work well for oven applications of up to 1900°F (1040°C). The RatioMatic package includes a combustion air blower and air-gas ratio regulator.

This burner also features a wide variety of options and configurations. Its modular design comes with many different arrangements, which are good for:

  • Reliable burner operations
  • Efficient ratio controlled combustions
  • Simple burner replacements
  • Direct spark ignitions
  • Wide ranges of fuel capabilities

Air Heating Burner

Air heating burners work best when you mount them inside a duct. You can also connect them to oven walls, and they will provide the same efficiency.

The best part of these burners is arranging them in unlimited configurations. They fit well in most duct shapes and a range of heating capacities.

Air heating burners offer options for combustion air supply through an integral blower. You can also use them in special configurations. This is because they need small supervision of NOx levels. Some of the best air heating burners include:

  1. AH air heating burners
  2. AHMA
  3. Winnox

Even though new to the game, Winnox is a champion of this category. Here’s why.

Winnox Burners

Eclipse Winnox burners design works well with the global emission mandate. They are easy to operate and efficient to run.  Eclipse winnox burners also have a variety of options and configurations.

They produce an intense, swirled, short flame in the firing tube. The burner nozzle has an explosive combination of air and fuel. That’s what helps them ensure low emissions.

You can use these burners in:

  • Curing ovens
  • Aluminum homogenizing
  • Incinerations
  • Indirect air heating
  • Food processing
  • Annealing
  • Textile drying applications

Eclipse Winnox Burners

Winnox eclipse burners work best when you need great linear heat distribution. Winnox is a premix burner built for direct air heat applications.

Winnox combustion works on high excess air. You can use it in premixed combustion to keep the flame temperatures low. This burner also establishes an internal recirculating flame pattern. The pattern ensures different capacities for the high-class burner.

These burners will help you when you want:

  • An efficient ratio regulation combustion
  • Dependable operations
  • Easy adjustments
  • Efficient ratio regulated combustion

Eclipse Thermthief Burners

Eclipse Thermthief burners are best for uniform temperatures. They offer better process quality and longer tube life. They produce a unique flame that scrubs and cleans fire tubes. Thermthief eclipse burners create an intense flame with vigorous spinning action. Besides, they also ensure consistent and uniform product processing.

If you choose these burners, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • High transfer of heat at low noise levels
  • Low NOx and COs
  • Low excess air for high-level efficiency
  • Low gas and oxygen pressure needs
  • High heat transfer at low noise levels
  • Reliable burning ar a wide range of burning rates

Eclipse ImmersoJet Burner

Eclipse ImmersoJet burner is a nozzle mix and tube firing burner. It is ideal for firing at high velocities through a small diameter. The super working burner has the following components:

  • Packaged blower
  • A butterfly valve
  • Actuator control motor
  • Burner body
  • Rear cover
  • Spark
  • Combustion chamber
  • Flame rods

The eclipse immersoJet burner hosts different combustion gases from the burner. These gases scrub the inner tube surface. This scrub then produces high heat transfer rates.

The smaller ImmersoJet tubes have more minor bends. These bends contribute to less tank space occupied by the pipes.

ImmersoJet Applications

You can use these burners when firing spray wash, storage, and dip tanks. You can also use the small-bore system whenever you use conventional immersion systems.

If you’re looking for alternatives, these eclipse burners can work well for you. What matters is the amount of heat you want. If you find it hard to decide on the eclipse burner best suited for you, we have your back.

In Closing

Lindberg Process Equipment company will guide you through the whole process. We will also give you some handy tips for each product’s installation. Our team will top the cake by teaching you how to use the eclipse burners. So, all that you’ll have to do is enjoy the convenient eclipse burners.